Build a Neocrypt Data fortress
in your hands

Neocrypt security can go much further. Our military grade mobile data device will let you work and keep all your data in 'Zero Leak Mode.'

You can use it yourself or embed this great technology within your work environment, thus protecting the whole organization.

The choice is yours.

Choose between different sizes of Neocrypt Zero Leak Data Units

Neocrypt Zero Leak is portable encrypted data protection unit. It can ONLY be unlocked through physical PIN authentication.

Handy and hack-proof, it is your long-term solution for all sensitive data.

Zero Leak Data Units are not only highly secure, but also easy to use.

Your personal documents, contracts, proposals, communication exchanges, passport scans, business ideas, passwords and other sensitive data are constantly threatened by data and identity thieves. Perhaps you travel often or work on remote locations, which makes your data even more vulnerable, as well as difficult to manage safely on the go. Not, if you use Zero Leak Data Unit, which withstood all testings by most experienced hackers and IT specialists.

  1. Connect the unit via USB to your computer, phone or tablet. It works with all leading operating systems (PC, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS).
  2. Enter your PIN code.
  3. Data will be decrypted for your use until you save and unplug the unit.



  • PC/Windows
  • Apple Mac
  • Linux
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Synology Diskstation
  • Raspberry PI

It is very easy to use Zero Leak mobile data unit on all supported Windows platforms. You just need just to connect it to USB port, enter your PIN and wait for the device to become active. That’s it! Now you can use it with any software that you prefer; either Windows Explorer, Windows commander, Veeam backup or even command line tools. It works like typical USB disk connected to your PC.

Zero Leak data unit is NTFS preformated. This isn’t much of a problem while using the device on your Mac in read only mode. For using the device in write mode reformating is needed. From your Mac Launch pad choose Disk Utility and reformat the disc to FAT32 or exFAT.

Most modern Linux distributions will mount Zero Leak data unit automatically after proper PIN is entered. If the drive is not mounted automatically you need to check whether automatic USB mount is enabled. If not, we suggest you to enable automatic mounting using usbmount package. The exact way of installing such package depends on your Linux distribution. Additionally, you need to check if NTFS file system is enabled. If not, you have two options: a) to install tool like ntfs-3g or b) to reformat your drive to something more suitable (e.g. ext4). When finished, you will be able to use the drive using standard GUI and shell tools.

To connect Zero Leak data unit to Galaxy Note 4 an OTG USB cable is needed. If the data unit was formatted as NTFS, it works as read-only. If you intend to use mobile phone just as a side tool to read data from disk, this is sufficient. If not, we suggest you to use Total Commander together with USB plugin or reformat to FAT32 or exFAT.

We tested Zero Leak data unit with Synology DiskStation 216+II and Synology 214play. As expected, we just plugged the disk in waited a few moments and accessed the drive over usbshare shared folder.

Zero Leak data unit is fully operable on RPi2 and RPi3 using default settings on Raspbian or OpenELEC. NTFS is readable and writeable by default, therefore reformating is not necessary. We didn’t notice any power-related issue connecting Raspberry Pi. However, as RPi is a low power device we suggest you to use Power USB 2.0 Extension Cable for better reliability.

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