Neocrypt puts your social life
and work back into

Enjoy powerful technologies that protect your work & social interactions from abuse.

White-labeled Social Network App for Your Brand⎜Business ⎜Organization

Imagine your interaction with your family, friends,
and your expanding social circle is free from the worry that
your data will be sold or compromised.

Imagine, no one can look into your work documents or
media files if you don't allow them.
Literally, no one. Just you.

Imagine your social life and work are backed up by
military grade protection. 24/7.

Neocrypt offers a Social Network App that is very similar to what you’re familiar with, but with a significant advantage. By using our multiple level encrypted App, as well as military grade encrypted storage/work devices, you’ll be able to live and work free from the fear that your data will be sold or compromised.

Privacy by default.

Neocrypt is a personalized Private Social Network App optimized for all platforms.

Use it for your Business or Private Network.

What is the benefit of having a Private Social Network?

You've never been closer to having one.

Features List

The Neocrypt App offers many different features. You'll get familiar with most of them very quickly. The App is both simple to use and deep at the same time, having all functions that users expect. If you need customization, we're here to help you make it happen.


How Social Networks
should have always been.


A Business can profit immensely by having a Private Social Network, because you can focus your work force on your projects.


So many people need to be well-connected and interact within a Live App in order to run large projects. Keep them on one communication platform.

Sport Clubs⎢Societies

People like to share their interests, emotions, and thoughts with other like-minded people. When your fans or members are connected, they will be happier.


There’s nothing more personal than one’s beliefs. A Private network will help your congregation significantly. Cherish their faith to your common cause.


It will be much easier for you to connect and engage all your members in common cause projects all around the world through your Private Social network.


Some things need to be shared privately. With a Private Social Network, private issues stay private and common issues will be communicated with all.

With Your Brand name and Customized to Your needs

Having your own App is the best way to protect your project and privacy. Neocrypt will support your vision, your circle of influence, and help make your dreams come true.


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